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This website is belonged to Magic Solution Group Limited which was founded in 2008 by Michael Yan.

We dedicate to become a company who can provide the solutions for unique & creative promotional products. 


Please feel free to contact us.       Michael

Skype:       magicpopups


How to place an order?


Step1:Enquiry & Quotation

Please send us an enquiry by email if you are  interested in our products. Let's go to the next if our quotations can meet your targets.

Step2: Artwork

You make artworks on our templates which will be sent to you after getting your requestions.

If you can run Dropbox, you can finish step1 & step2 by yourself by download price lists and templates via the link below.

Step3: Sample

A free video sample base on your artwork will be sent to you to check everything until you get the final ones.The buck production will be started after the artwork is approval. Or you need a physical sample for large order to avoid dramas. 

Step4: Payment

You will get a proforma invoice (PI) to make payments. Bank to bank, by PayPal, the method is flexible.

Regular: Mini order: 100% before shipment. Large order: 30% deposit, 70% before shipment.

Step5: Mass Production

The mass production will be started after getting your confirmation messages.

Step6: Shipping

The goods are ready and will be shipped to you. 

Step7: Drama

If there are some dramas, we will afford for our duties.


How to order a sample parcel?

USD50 per sample parcel, the samples are free, USD50 is for the freight. We are in China, that's why the freight is not cheap.

Payment by PayPal is preferred, our account is

Sample list as below:

Square 156mm 3pcs 

Rectangle 160x100mm 3pcs

Circel 156mm 3pcs

House 156mm 3pcs

86x54mm Business cards paper version 3pcs

86x54mm Business cards plastic version 3pcs 

The samples are random, maybe not match the list.

Please advise which shape & size if you want others.

Door to door time: 4-7 days

The receiver information below is required.

Company name: 

Contact person: 

Phone no.: 



Zip code: 

How to make your artworks?


Step1: DesignTemplate

You will get a design template and a reference artwork to start yours.

Step2:  File Transferring

Please outline all the text in your artwork before transferring files.

Step3:  Video Sample

A free video sample base on your artwork will be sent to you to check everything until you get the final ones.

Step4:  Mass Production

The mass production will be started after the artwork is approval. Or you need a  physical PP sample to avoid dramas. 


1. Text: Please outline all the text in your artwork before transferring files.

It is very important to convert all text to "outlines" before transferring artworks. If we don't have some fonts in your artwork on our computers, the artwork will not be shown corretly on our computers.

How to convert text to outlines? 

2. Linked files:Transfer all linked files or embed them into your artwork.

If the linked files are lost, the artwork will not be shown correctly on our computers. 

3. Color type and DPI: CMYK type, all raster art must be 350 DPI at imprint size, or higher.

Please note:

1. By Photosshop adding some pixels can't improve the photos' real quality, you have to look for real clear and quality images.

2. If you use RGB color type to deal with images, adding some lightness and sharpening  are better, due to change them to CMYK color type, they will lose some lightness and color details.

3. If there are some spot colors on your artwork, please mark them by PANTONE * C. Only PMS(Pantone Matching System) is supported at the largest arrange in China. And please only use C system, eg. PANTONE 186C for the red.

Please don't use U system, eg. PANTONE 186U. Due to the U only suit for some special block colors and uncoated paper which is not regular.

Regarding the limited for spot color: less than 2C spot color is preferred. If you have already used CMYK, more spot colors means high cost and maybe exceed the printing machine limited.

4. Logo, vector format is preferred

What is vector format?

5. Preferred File Format and Version: AI CS5 or lower.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 or lower (.AI / .EPS)

Adobe Photoshop CS5 or lower (.PSD / .EPS)

Please note: If your version is higher than CS5, please save as CS5 version. Same artwork may not be the same on different version.

If you use Photoshop as the platform, please retain the layered original file and editability, don't combine the layers.

Other Acceptable File Formats:



PSD 350 DPI, CMYK, with transparent background


TIFF 350 DPI, CMYK, with preserved transparency


6. Artwork Transferring: by is preferred.

It is easy and free. Of course, by your FTP system, or drops, or google drivers is available too.

7. Why do we need bleed in printing? 

8. If the above are not easy to understand, please forget and ignore them, and enjoy your designing, we will help you to get a final approved printing file. 



How to become a reseller? & Supports For Resellers:

Any one can become our reseller if you are willing to sell our products.

1) If you want to resell these items, we can provide you all the data.

The data list:

The price lists in PDF and Excel

The product videos in FLV and MP4 

The product photos in JPG

The design templates and reference artworks 

Please note:

The reference artworks are belonged to end customers. They were made years ago, but we can not make sure that you don't have any trouble 100% guaranteed. You will decide how to use them. 

If you can run Dropbox, you can download all the data by yourself via the link below.

2) If you want a custom shape, extra cost is USD500, and the MOQ is 3000 units.  

3) If you want plastic material, extra cost is USD0.03 per unit, USD500 printing per design. Material: 35S PP, the final thickness is 0.8mm. 

4) If you only want a video with your artwork as E cards or other purposes, no problem, that is available too. USD100 per design for stock shapes. USD500 per design for custom shapes.

5) If you want to produce these items in your local printing manufactures, we can sell you core technology data.

USD10,000 for all shapes and sizes. USD2000 for one single shape or size.

The data list:

The die-cuts for mass production

The illustration for core technological process 

6) If you want us to do a QC or technology support for similar products in China, the cost is USD500 per day. 

Any form of cooperation and advice are welcome. 


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.       Michael

Skype:       magicpopups


Suggestions For Resellers:

Why do we need a reseller or distributor or agent in the market?

We are in China. We know nothing and control nothing in your market. That's why we need an agent or distributors in your market. You are the owner of the market. 

What can we do for you?

Good service, good price, good delivery time, good quality control. Try our best to help you to own the market. 

Some suggestions for resellers or distributors or agents.

A homogeneous competition is a big trouble for everyone. Exclusive items will be not exclusive if they are very popular in the market. You maybe have  the same trouble in your market. Maybe the suggestions below are the solution.

1) A new product name or brand. 

A new product name or a new brand may be can protect your space.A special name is only tube that end users know your products or services.


Magic Concepts: 

Magic Logos, Magic Shapes, Magic Cards, Magic Postcard, Magic Square, Magic Diamond, Magic Ring, Magic Disk, Magic Orbit, Magic Pill, Magic Oval, Magic Octagon. Magic Brochure, Magic Business Cards, Magic Mailers, and more. 

Fun Concepts:

Fun Logos, Fun Shapes, Fun Cards, Fun Postcard,  Fun Square, Funny Diamond, Fun Ring, Fun Disk,  Fun Orbit, Fun Pill, Fun Oval, Fun Octagon.  Fun Brochure, Fun Business Cards, Fun Mailers, and more.  

Folding Concepts:

Folding Logos, Folding Shapes,  Folding Cards, Folding Postcard,  Folding Square,  Folding Diamond, Folding Ring, Folding Disk,  Folding Orbit, Folding Pill, Folding Oval, Folding Octagon. Folding Brochure, Folding Business Cards, Folding Mailers, and more. 

Infinity Concepts:

Infinity Logos, Infinity Shapes, Infinity Cards, Infinity Postcard, Infinity Square, Infinity Diamond, Infinity Ring, Infinity Disk, Infinity Orbit, Infinity Pill, Infinity Oval, Infinity Octagon. Infinity Brochure, Infinity Business Cards, Infinity Mailers, and more. 

Endless Concepts:

Endless Logos, Endless Shapes, Endless Cards, Endless Postcard, Endless Square, Endless Diamond, Endless Ring, Endless Disk, Endless Orbit, Endless Pill, Endless Oval, Endless Octagon. Endless Brochure, Endless Business Cards, Endless Mailers, and more. 

Loop Concepts:

Loop Logos, Loop Shapes, Loop Cards, Loop Postcard, Loop Square,  Loop Diamond, Loop Ring, Loop Disk, Loop Orbit, Loop Pill, Loop Oval, Loop Octagon. Loop Brochure, Loop Business Cards, Loop Mailers, and more.

Magic Loop, Endless Loop, Infinity Loop, Folding Loop, And more! 

2) Customize some special shapes and sizes. 

3) Plastic material is a good choice. The cost is higher, but is durable and waterproof.