A6 148x105mm | Ending Folding Card

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A6 148x105mm | Ending Folding Card
Product Details Cost (EXW) Door to Door  Total Amount Video Sample Mass Production Door to Door
Product Name: A6 148x105mm | Ending Folding Card Quantity Unit Price Printing  Total     within 24 hours 12 days 10 days
Specialty Four pages, endless folding , loop and loop.  250 +  $          1.00  $      300  $            550.00  $            150.00  $               700.00
Item No.: EFCRE03 500 +  $          0.98  $      300  $            790.00  $            156.00  $               946.00
Regular Size: 148 mm x 105 mm x 1mm  A6 Sized 1,000 +  $          0.69  $      300  $            990.00  $            212.00  $            1,202.00
Print: CMYK plus lamination  2,000 +  $          0.48  $      300  $         1,260.00  $            324.00  $            1,584.00
Material: 420gsm silk art board 3,000 +  $          0.40  $      300  $         1,500.00  $            436.00  $            1,936.00
Packing: PCS/CTN: 1,000PCS, 50PCS/OPP BAG 4,000 +  $          0.37  $      300  $         1,780.00  $            548.00  $            2,328.00
CTN SIZE: 36CM X 31CM X 16CM 5,000 +  $          0.35  $      300  $         2,050.00  $            660.00  $            2,710.00
N.W/G.W: 15KGS/16KGS 10,000 +  $          0.30  $      300  $         3,300.00  $         1,220.00  $            4,520.00
HS Code: 4819600000 20,000 +  email us         
MOQ: 250 units              
Quotations or Prices
Total five prices for all the items: 156mm(or DL 210X100mm), 200mm(or A5 210x148mm), 120mm(or A6 140x105mm or 160x100mm), 90mm, 70mm(or 86x54mm). The quotaion bases on the size. Any shapes, same sizes will be same prices. Plastic luxury version extra cost: plus USD0.03 to unit price, plus USD200 to printing cost. So, the shape is the first option, the size is the second one, the material is the third one.
1) The door to door cost is ONLY for European, North America, Australia, UAE. It is NOT for other areas. Please contact us to get the correct quotation if the receiver address is not in these areas. For large orders, FOB price is a good option, extra cost is USD400 per bill, EXW total cost plus USD400 is FOB price. The packing details are in the yellow  panels for you to calculate the freight by Air or by Sea.
2) Conventional Payment Tern: 30% in advance, 70% before shipment. Method: Bank to bank, by Paypal, by Western Union, all are available. Mini orders, by PayPal is preferred, but extra 4.4% plus USD0.3 fee per bill which comes from PayPal.
3) Samples: Video samples are preferred if the order quantity is less than 10K. Physical samples are recommended if the quantity is more than 10K.

How to place an order? 
Step1:Enquiry & Quotation
Please send us an enquiry by email if you are  interested in our products. Let's go to the next if our quotations can meet your targets.
Step2: Artwork
You make artworks on our templates which will be sent to you after getting your requestions.
If you can run Dropbox, you can finish step1 & step2 by yourself by download price lists and templates via the link below.
Step3: Sample
A free video sample base on your artwork will be sent to you to check everything until you get the final ones.The buck production will be started after the artwork is approval. Or you need a physical sample for large order to avoid dramas.
Step4: Payment 
You will get a proforma invoice (PI) to make payments. Bank to bank, by PayPal, the method is flexible.
Regular: Mini order: 100% before shipment. Large order: 30% deposit, 70% before shipment.
Step5: Mass Production
The mass production will be started after getting your confirmation messages.
Step6: Shipping 
The goods are ready and will be shipped to you.
Step7: Drama
If there are some dramas, we will afford for our duties.
How to become a reseller?
Any one can become our reseller if you are willing to sell our products.
Supports For Resellers:
1) If you want to resell these items, we can provide you all the data.
The data list:
The price lists in PDF and Excel
The product videos in FLV and MP4
The product photos in JPG
The design templates and reference artworks
Please note:
The reference artworks are belonged to end customers. They were made years ago, but we can not make sure that you don't have any trouble 100% guaranteed. You will decide how to use them. 
If you can run Dropbox, you can download all the data by yourself via the link below.
2) If you want a custom shape, extra cost is USD500, and the MOQ is 3000 units. 
3) If you want plastic material, extra cost is USD0.03 per unit, USD500 printing per design. Material: 35S PP, the final thickness is 0.8mm.
4) If you only want a video with your artwork as E cards or other purposes, no problem, that is available too. USD100 per design for stock shapes. USD500 per design for custom shapes.
5) If you want to produce these items in your local printing manufactures, we can sell you core technology data.
USD10,000 for all shapes and sizes. USD2000 for one single shape or size.
The data list:
The die-cuts for mass production
The illustration for core technological process
6) If you want us to do a QC or technology support for similar products in China, the cost is USD500 per day.
Any form of cooperation and advice are welcome.
Contact person:       Michael 




  • Michael!
    We received the circular brochures today. One word... BEAUTIFUL!! Very well done. Very happy with results. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service and product.
    Have a great day!!
    jen weinrich / customer service/marketing facilitator

  • Hi Michael,
    Just letting you know that we received the endless folding card last week, and everyone... /everyone/ loves it. Excellent work! Thanks so much for your help. I can't recommend you and your company highly enough. More work will definitely be coming your way!
    Sherone Black
    Graphic Design

  • Hi Michael,
    thank you for the excellent job and very very good service. We love how you kept us informed at all stages and we were really excited when we tracked our parcel and saw it coming closer to us every day. Our endless cards are great. We love the finishing that makes it less susceptible to dirt and how easy it is to fold the cards.
    Thank you very much,
    Sue Haefner

  • Hi-
    My name is Melissa and I have been working with a sales manager from your company, Michael Yan . He has been amazing to work with...I am worried that something happened to him because he has been so helpful and easy to communicate with. Can someone please contact me soon as possible? Thank you!

  • Hello Michael,
    Sorry I thought I had replied. Yes we have received the single folding mats and we are very very happy with them. The look and feel is exactly what we wanted. Thanks so much for all your hard work on this project.
    Karen Stocks

  • Hi Micheal,
    Received the folding card barns and they look awesome! Thanks for your hard work. We may look into producing more of these for an event in February 2015. When is your operation on holiday this season?
    -Frank Steinroeder

  • Dear Michael.
    Thank you for the delivery of the boxes. We are very pleased with the result. I will arrange payment of the invoice today. I hope we will be able to make more orders soon.
  • Hi Michael,
    I have received the samples. They look great, thank you.
    You can take this email as an acceptance.
    Please liase with Estime & Carol ONLY regarding the delivery of the calendars.
    Kind Regards
    Heidi Davis
    Graphic Designer

  • Michael,
    We received the banks and love them!!!
    Thank you so much,
    Please liase with Estime & Carol ONLY regarding the delivery of the calendars.

  • Dear Michael,
    After seeing the video, we don't want physical sample again.
    Can you start mass production for the 1,010 pieces immediately.
    Nicole, please inform Michael we don't want sample again and he should start mass production.
    Michael, good work and please take note about the pantone colors.
    We expect the Suspension calendars to be finished by the 3rd of October, please note.

  • Dear Michael,
    I never doubted your ability to solve this.
    You are a professional.
    Looking forward to your delivery.

  • Perfect!
    Thank you so much!
    This is exactly what I wanted to know!
    I will send you final artwork (with type outlined) once I have final approval from our team here.
    It should be the beginning of next week.
    Thanks very much for your response,
    Sherone Black
    Graphic Design

  • Hello Michel,
    I have received the items yesterday, the items are very beautiful and well made. My clients was thinking that the material used to produce the items would be plastic like the boxes.
    But no problems, we will see how we can quickly use this type of products here and I will get back to you soon.
    One of my client is very interested in the small card, they want to use it for complementary/ business cards. They want to know if the material can be made thicker and if it can be made of plastic.
    Thank you.
    Adeshina Bolaji.
    Sent from my Infinix

  • Happy New Year Michael. We have receive wonderful feedback about the banks. Thanks again!