How to get a custom shape?


Easy Workflow:

Step1: Give us your shape    

Step2: The artwork template will be made by us and will be sent you.

Step3: You make artworks on the template.

Step4: You will get a video smaple with your artwork.


A little Difficult Workflow: You will be an expert on endless folding card.

Step1: Please send us your shape.  

Recommed Size: The Longest Width or Height

Large: 200mm, Middle: 156mm, Small: 120mm.  

Step2: You will get an AssistPanel with IndispensableArea.You can get Page1 and Page4 easily.  

Step3: You will get Page2 and Page3 by yourselves if you can understand the illustration below. Of course, we can make Page2 and Page3 if you need helps.

Stpe4: You make artworks on the final templates Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4. 


You must be an expert on endless folding card if you can understand the illustration below.  


1. AssistPanel is consist of sixteen smaller panels, each has same width and height. The width is the 1/4 one of the shape, the height is the 1/4 one of the shape. The name of samller panel is fixed, it is P1 or P2, to P16.

The bleed is necessary too. The bleed is 3mm industry standard, you have to add final 6mm on the width and height of the shape.

Why do we need bleed in printing? 

2. IndispensableArea, it is indispensable, total four ones, they are layouted on fixed positions, P1 P4 P13 P16. It is a 20x20mm triangle, the curver of shape has to be kept away from it. This is the only limit of the shape.  

3. Mirror-Vertical and Mirror-Horizontal have to be used. 

What are they?

4. Page 2 and Page 3: Panel A and B on both Page 2  and Page 3 will have the same atwork in them.

5. Page 4-A or Page 4-B, Page 4-B is prefered. 

6. The illustration below just is an example, it aims to show the limits of shape. An apple on a house is an imaging. The size of house is 156x152mm, the bleed for artwork is 162x158mm.


You will get a high-resolution illustration by email.